Research projects

The Ireland-Iceland Memory Studies Network

The network fosters research on Irish and Icelandic issues with special emphasis on memory and memorialisation. Subject areas include the Middle Ages, Landscape, Heritage, Crisis, War, and Travel. The network has hosted two conference, one in Dublin in 2014 and one in Reykjavík in 2015. It will be working towards a publication of the research in the coming months.

In Search for Transcultural Memory in Europe (ISTME)

This COST action aims to go beyond the nationally oriented memory studies that tend to reify the bond between culture, nation and memory. Instead we investigate the transcultural dynamics of memory in Europe today. Studying how memories of the troubled twentieth century are transmitted and received across Europe, this COST Action explores the tension between attempts to create a common European memory, or a unitary memory ethics, on the one hand and numerous memory conflicts stemming from Europe’s fragmentation into countless memory communities on the other. Several members of the Centre for Studies in Memory and Literature are members of the action.

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