About the Centre

a) Research – collaboration, conferences, grant applications
b) Teaching – facilitating teachers’ exchanges, seminars, doctoral programmes
c) Publishing – Exhibitions

The Centre for Studies in Memory and Literature will provide a framework for researchers from various countries and different disciplines to engage in individual and collaborative research into various aspects of memory in literature and culture. Interest in memory studies has grown considerably in recent times, especially within the social sciences, history and, increasingly, literary studies. The field is therefore highly interdisciplinary and a crucial area of interest in literary studies and theory that offers fruitful avenues of research for scholars and students. The aim of the centre is to engage in literary research first and foremost, focussing on five interrelated areas identified below, which reflect the expertise and research interests of its members, as well as attractive points of interest for graduate students. The centre will bring together experienced practitioners in the field while also attracting new ones, encouraging fruitful collaboration between academics, as well as giving support to PhD students interested in the field. The Centre was founded by several international scholars who organised and/or participated in the conference Cultural Representations of Trauma at the University of Iceland in Autumn 2012.